"Dear Tom, Julie and Eric, On behalf of the Senior Volunteer Service Corps, I wish to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation for providing the wonderful music at our Holiday Reception last week. This years event was attended by more volunteers and guests than in the past, largely because Cheek to Cheek's musical presence was announced in our invitation. Your music spans the generations and we appreciate that you take requests. I hope your trio will be able to join us again next year. I've heard nothing but compliments from our attendees and I'd like to keep a good thing going." Linda Mendelsohn, Senior Volunteer service Corps, December, 2008

"Tom and Cheek to Cheek – Thanks for providing the entertainment for our Exhibit Hall Grand Opening. The opening of the Hall is often the event that sets the tone for the entire 3-day regional conference. Your performance was outstanding and we received great feedback on the music. The ERAPPA regional conference is an annual event, and I’ve attended quite a few over the years, but can’t recall any grand openings with live music. Music in the background while 500+ folks network, socialize and visit with business partners was the perfect blend. Thanks! Nancy Yeroshefsky, Host Committee, ERAPPA 2008, Baltimore, MD, September 2008.

"Dear Tom and Julie, THANK YOU for making our evening complete, you are FABULOUS and all our friends loved you too! The music and dancing MADE the evening, and we really appreciate ALL that you did for us, singing Happy Birthday TWICE! Looking forward to our next BIG event! Will Long and Ray Hahn, 50th Birthday Celebration, Halcyon House, Georgetown, September, 2008

"Dear Tom and all Cheek to Cheek musicians. Thank you, again, for your superb performance during our May 2008 Commencement at Ritchie Coliseum. For the last seven years, during each winter and spring graduation, you have escorted the graduates with Elgar’s Pomp and Circumstance, entertained their families and friends with jazz and swing, and have greatly contributed to ensuring that the festivities be memorable. You are amazing and we hope to see you again next winter. Dr. Leah Waks, Director of Undergraduate Studies Program, Department of Communication; June, 2008

"Hi Julie,Tom & Eric, On behalf of all the planners of Sunday's gathering, I want to express my thanks for making our annual block party a fabulous event. You three were wonderful and the music was perfect for our venue, giving neighbors the opportunity to mingle, chat, eat, drink and listen to you. Many people commented on how great you were and they enjoyed themselves. Hope you got enough to eat and drink. Again, you were fantastic and I can't thank you enough." Many Thanks, Carol P. October, 2007

"Dear Tom, Thanks again to you and the other members of Cheek-to-Cheek for your great performance at our Conference dinner. We had people from 20 different countries there and everyone I spoke with really enjoyed the music before, during and after dinner. That was also the first time we’ve had music in our new Atrium and you guys really made the place come alive. You can bet that I’ll be asking Cheek-to-Cheek to return for future events. You guys were excellent. Thank you for helping make our event such a success!" Prof. Jeff Davis, Chemistry Dept., University of Maryland, August, 2007

"Dear Ms. Parsons, On behalf of National Rehabilitation Hospital, let me thank you for the wonderful performance of your jazz combo, "Cheek to Cheek" at our recent annual Medical Staff Banquet. The background music during the dinner hour was energetic but not obtrusive. After dinner, your group had a chance to fully display their musical talents in latin, jazz and swing styles. We had more dancing this year than in any of the 20 years prior. Your lead male vocalist had many of the women present swooning, or at least wanting to pinch his bottom. Also thank you for your vocal help with the special musical tributes. I have no idea why you were not sure about singing the Broadway number we requested. You rocked! Please hold our date for next year." Sincerely, Robert Bunning, M.D., FACP, FACR, Associate Medical Director, National Rehabilitation Hospital, June 19, 2007

"Thank you all so much for your wonderful performance at our 2007 Undergraduate Awards Banquet! You all were truly a delight to work with! The element you all added to the banquet was a classy and entertaining touch! I look forward to working with you in the future. Thank You!" Keith Merritt, Smith School of Business, May, 2007

""You guys ROCK!!!!! I saw you twice at the Shalom school, at First United Methodist Church. You guys are simply amazing." Diana Montero, April, 2007

"Cheek to Cheek is the most versatile, energetic, trans-generational jazz-rock n roll-dance band! They can do anything you ask for. Last Saturday night for our Mardi Gras dance, dynamic vocalist and keyboard artist Julie Parsons and smooth sax stylist Tom Ruggieri and company led over 200 costumed revelers to tear up the dance floor --with the energy and performance that appeals to children, baby boomers and seniors all having a blast. There's no band I could recommend more highly. Let them entertain you and you'll agree. This band is HOT, COOL and so much fun! Betsy Athey, St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Capitol Hill, February 19, 2007

"I have known Tom and Julie for quite awhile—we all work at the Univeristy of Maryland and Julie lives in my neighborhood. As a music lover and shower jazz singer myself, I am always looking out for great sounds and good music.. The first time I heard Cheek to Cheek, I knew I was experiencing not just good music from talented professionals, but something truly special! Knowing them, you might think I’m biased, but all my years of music training have made me a very tough critic Accomplished musicians can come together and play well technically and it will be very enjoyable. But it takes a certain “chemistry” to produce music that truly delights and inspires—the kind of music you “feel,” not just hear. That’s Cheek to Cheek -- they just have it! I’ve heard them many times since and I always come away in awe of how truly fine they are. So when I decided to throw my husband a surprise birthday party for his “Big 5-0,” I didn’t want anyone but Cheek to Cheek. They have a natural knack for reading their audiences and their events (maybe it’s their day jobs?). They consistently deliver and make it look and sound effortless! So many people that night asked me who the “great band” was and how did I ever find them? The party was a huge hit with everyone, especially the very surprised Birthday Boy! I can’t thank Cheek to Cheek enough for making it an evening that we will all remember for a very, very long time – Guys, you’re the best! Linda Gast (and Birthday Boy, Lynn Dudinsky) October 2006

"Dear Tom, Julie and Associates, We should be and are most thankful to you for a most elegant performance on our daughter's wedding. Several of our guests came up to us during your performance and afterwards and were full of compliments and praise for your group.Thank you again for making it a 'perfect' evening of very lively yet soothing jazz music that was totally befitting the occasion. "

Inder Vijay, June 2006

"Dear Tom and Julie, Thank you for making our wedding such a memorable event. The ambiance you created was simply delightful. We really enjoyed and wished we could have danced longer, the band was great. With best regards."

Kamni Vijay, June 2006

"For the past four years Cheek to Cheek has been a part of the University of Maryland Awards Banquet. At a ceremony honoring the best of student leaders at the University, we want everything to be absolutely perfect – from food to flowers to presentations. Perhaps we came closer to reaching perfection when we invited Cheek to Cheek to provide music while dining and short interludes between our over 70 awards presentations. They are magicians, finding ways to match tunes to awards and ways to include fabulous instrumental and vocal music in short minute long interludes. Parents and award winners alike marvel at the beauty of the music and its wonderful addition to the event. Cheek to Cheek is perfect for major events, receptions, special occasions, retirement parties, and all the occasions in your life. I know this because we continue to use them for so many events that we sponsor on the campus. Great musicians, equally great people …they make it a joy to match programs to music."

Marsha Guenzler-Stevens

"For our December 2004 wedding, we hired Cheek-to-Cheek for our wedding. They were the cocktail hour band as well as our reception band and MC. They truly did a fantastic job! The band members are extremely easy to work with and are very accommodating.

Having a band offers a personal, classy, special touch that a DJ just cannot provide with prerecorded music. Nothing matches live music and it really gets the party started! We had heard Cheek-to-Cheek play before at various events so knew this was the band for our big day. They have a huge repertoire, and months prior to our wedding we chose the songs we wanted played at the wedding. We also had a few special request songs for the 1st dance, parents' dance, cake-cutting etc. that they practiced and learned perfectly for our day!

The cocktail hour music consisted of mainly jazz, and the reception music was light during dinner and then appropriately turned to dance music for after dinner. We received tons of compliments throughout the night and even to this day regarding the band's performance. The dance floor was packed all night and we can honestly say that the band made our special day even more so!"

Christine Daberkow

"Chuck and I were married in May 2004, with a very traditional church ceremony followed by a festive reception. With the plan to go down this road rather than escape to Bali for our nuptials, we started making detailed decisions. We agreed a live band was a must! We crossed paths with Julie Parsons and Tom Ruggieri and other talented musicians at a local restaurant where they were playing for a private party. Their music immediately drew us to crash the party and we quickly knew this was the band we wanted…their music filled the room with spirit, celebration, talent, passion and a strong connection with the audience. Our wedding reception was filled with joy, happiness, and much celebration! Cheek to Cheek was fabulous and inspired constant dancing and singing throughout the evening. The thrill of dancing to our first song while surrounded by loved ones from age three to 82 dancing with us, was a moment that we will always treasure. While they may be a bit biased, countless family and friends continue to tell us that ours was the best wedding reception they ever attended. Much of that can be attributed to the music and talent of Cheek to Cheek. If you want to celebrate an extra special event, Cheek to Cheek is the answer."

Julie Forker and Chuck Montrie